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The Practices of Jesus

Recently, I was invited to contribute to the Orange County Church of Christ's Deeper Dive podcast with an episode on Spiritual Practices. That got me thinking that I would like to dive into the idea of imitating the practices of Jesus so that we can learn to have the relationship with God that Jesus had.

To hear the Deeper Dive podcast, click below:

And, now, let's dive into some more of these spiritual practices:

He Made It; We Keep It

When God rested on the 7th day of Creation, the Bible says that he “blessed the 7th day and made it holy.” Later on He commands us to “keep it holy.” In this one command, God invites us into a world of immeasurable blessings! Join me as we investigate the origins and implications of the practice of the Sabbath.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

God uses some pretty strong language when he speaks of those who “desecrate the Sabbath.” But What does that even mean? Join me for a deeper dive into Exodus 31 to find out!

Are you Thirsty?

Most of the time a week of work can leave us tired & thirsty. In Sabbath rest, Jesus offers us living water. Yet we often decline the offer. Many times we settle for a cheap substitute- tap water over living water. But why is that the case? This week let’s take an honest look at what we are settling for.

A Delight

Trusting God is so hard sometimes!! But when we can take him at his word, and stop ourselves to observe his Sabbath, the Bible tells us we will find joy, delight, and a feast!

The Downbeat

Ok, ok, you’ve convinced me to start celebrating the Sabbath! But how? Where do I start? As any event planner can tell you, you don’t start planning at the beginning, but at the end. Then you work yourself backward. I’m this lesson we look at step one: establishing the day & time that the Sabbath begins.

Separating and Filling

Step 2 in the process is ordering your days. We can learn a lot from how God ordered the Creation week. He spent 3 days separating & 3 filling. In this lesson we talk about how to organize your week to be ready for the down beat.

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