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Holy Week

Join us on a day by day devotional and lesson, walking through the last week of Jesus's life before his resurrection.

1. SUNDAY: Palm Sunday

Sunday Devotional

2. MONDAY: Clearing the Temple

Monday Devotional

3. TUESDAY: Haven't You Read?

Tuesday Devotional

4. Wednesday: Life Happens

Today focus on living open-handed as we don't know what the day will bring. No video today but there is a downloadable devotional for today to continue on our Holy Week.

Wednesday Devotional

5. Thursday: Living a Day at a Time

Today we reflect what Jesus did the day before being arrested. He served, he taught, and he prayed for us. Download the devotional below for verses and prayer to follow in your quiet time with God today.

Thursday Devotional

*Because we are living open handed and one day at a time we will not be able to share a video daily as planned. But there will be daily devotionals you can download to guide you through the last week of Jesus.

6. Friday: The Separation

As we get excited to get out of work today to start the weekend, Jesus was taken to court. Paint the stage with me. What was happening today? Last night? Dragged back and forth in front of judges to determine his fate. Beaten. Abused. Spit on. His concern was not to be set free. His concern was that of the will of the Father. Today he was thinking of you and me. Download the devotional below for verses and prayers to follow along to.

Friday Devotional

7. Saturday: Today is waiting. In silence.

Today…Jesus was dead. Absolutely dead. He didn’t use any of his heavenly powers to save himself. Waves upon waves of sorrow. Bewilderment. Take time today to reflect on what just happened. There was sadness and silence, mourning and confusion, disbelief and fear. Download the devotional below for verses and prayers to follow along to.

Saturday Devotional

8. Sunday: The Resurrection

“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” - Matthew 28:6 (NIV)

A special Sunday service with special guests Jay and Azin Jarrett sharing their story.

Sunday Devotional

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