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This is Living

Although we live in a country of abundance, it is not hard to see that most people do not have the “abundant life” that is described in the Bible. But where does that life come from? It comes as we learn to truly make the Great Commission our personal commission, daily putting into practice the promise of Matt 6:33.

1. Today Is the Day October 2, 2017

In Isaiah 49 God promises that in the day of Salvation he will help us. II Corinthians 5 tells us that today is that day! When we embrace our role as ambassadors of Christ, God promises to “answer, help, keep, and make” us into those who can restore the lives of many. And in so doing, we will find the abundant life for ourselves.

2. Real Gold, White Clothes, & Eye Drops October 9, 2017

As we seek to live out the Great Commission on a daily basis, we can often get stuck during the transition times in life. Our focus can drift to the worries of this life and lull us into a lukewarm state. Yet The Spirit gives us a chance to wake up!!

3. The Blue Print - Part One

October 20, 2017

Since the inception of the Church in 33 AD, the life of a Jesus follower has been one of living in daily community with other disciples. Acts 2 gives an excellent blueprint of how we can build our lives together!

4. The Blue Print - Part Two

October 20, 2017

The Bible tells us that the first disciples met daily, and clearly describes a community living in intimacy together. Practically speaking, how can we live a radical yet sustainable life built around making disciples in this modern day?

5. The Nitty Gritty for Parents

October 25, 2017

6. The Nitty Gritty for Leaders

October 25, 2017

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