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Sometimes on our spiritual journey we can find ourselves stuck out in the middle of nowhere and wonder how we got there. Other times we can feel stuck because the road has become covered with seemingly endless obstacles. Whether you have become lost in the spiritual fog or stuck amidst the spiritual brambles, this series is designed to help you get “unstuck” and back on the open handed path.

1. "No More Excuses"

(July 14, 2017)

Sometimes on our spiritual journey we can find ourselves stuck out in the middle of nowhere and wonder how we got there. Other times we can feel The first step in getting unstuck is to stop the excuses and kick the victim mentality to the curb. Too many times in our lives we slip back into thinking that we deserve more, much like the people Paul was warning in Romans 1. Join me in beginning the journey away from self and back to God by following the example of Isaiah. We will list our excuses and say "no more!" We will write out consequences as warnings and return to the basics.

2. "Jumping Off the Crazy Cycle" - Part 1

(July 17, 2017)

Now that you have pulled away from the victim mentality, it is important for us to identify the patterns that often lead us back to ingratitude. Join me in being reminded of the generosity of God and the blessings that come from obedience through a look at the Cycle of the Judges, the parable of the talents, and by rewriting Isaiah 49 using our own personal blessings from God.

3. "Jumping Off the Crazy Cycle" - Part 2

(July 25, 2017)

Once we resubmit ourselves to obedience to God, and begin enjoying the blessings that come, how can we protect ourselves from slipping back into the trap of self-reliance? This video will help you as you endeavor to escape the traps of the enemy. Learn from Deuteronomy how the art of “remembering” can safeguard us against pride and help us to be holy.

3. "Rely"

(August 2, 2017)

One of the ways we can fight to jump off the crazy cycle is to proactively pursue reliance on God and intentionally pull away from our reliance on self. It can be tricky to manage the tension between planning and controlling. And even trickier to slow down to a pace where you can actually walk and not run!

4. "Replace"

(August 14, 2017)

Do not make treaties. Do not show mercy. Do not intermarry. These are the directions God gave the Israelites when they were entering the promised land that was already inhabited by the “seven nations larger and stronger” than they. Though God has delivered us from our slavery, and defeated the enemy, he is calling on us to utterly destroy the worship of any other god in our lives. Often times our idols linger because we have unknowingly made treaties, showed mercy, and even “married” them. This video will help you to identify where you may have slipped into one of these three areas.

5. "Inch-By-Inch"

(August 20, 2017)

In the process of breaking down & smashing the idols in our lives, the struggle to persevere can be VERY real! But in the midst of demolishing strongholds God will provide for us. Join me in discovering how to stay engaged and not give up in the midst of the hard work.

6. "The Danger Zone"

(September 9, 2017)

In this final episode of the Unstuck series, learn to spot the warning signs that you may be entering back into self reliance. While continueing to practice the the “3 R’s” - remembering, relying, and replacing - heed the warnings from this story of Saul, and learn to avoid the danger zone of pride.

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