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Simply Holy Holiday - 2016

In service of the King.

Simply Holy Holiday Series - 2

Video Intro: Simply Holy Holiday 2016 (Series II)

Video 1: All In

Video 2: He Is Willing

Video 3: Train Yourself

Video 4: A Wee Bit More On Training

Video 5: Bonus Edition for Holy Families

Video 6: That's How He Won Me

Video 7: When You're Not Enough

Video 8: Working Through with God

Video 9: Driving Through Fog

Video 10: Remember

Video 11: The Right Light

Video 12: Waiting But Not Waiting

Video 13: Practically Miraculous

Video 14: Steadfast

Video 15: Smoke & Mirrors

Simply Holy Holiday 2016 Celebration

Last Video for 2016: The Secret of Contentment

WE DID IT!!! Celebrating the New Year in White in honor of our commitment to living simply holy.

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