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Simply Holy Holiday

A practical guide for living a holy life in an unholy world.

In 2015, I wanted to end the year spiritually strong, and not dulled and numbed out by the over-indulgence of the holidays. So I decided to focus everything I could on the last 70 days of the year, determined to be focused on living a holy life every day.

I invited anyone along who wanted to join me. I thought we would have 15-20 of us, but all of a sudden, this movement took on a life of its own. A Facebook group quickly formed and by the end of the year, there were close to 200 women from all over the world, praying for each other, encouraging each other, and helping each other live a holy life in this unholy world

At the Turning Point, we had a great celebration on the first Sunday of 2016 where we all wore white as a sign of our purity before God. It was out of this incredibly exciting movement of passionate, dedicated women who desired to live holy lives that Simply Holy Living was born.

Scroll down to watch all the videos from beginning to end and have your own 70 day journey with God!


Simply Holy Holiday Series

Video Intro: Who's with me?

Video 1: From the Inside Out

Video 2: A Godly Perspective

Video 3: First, God.

Video 4: Don't Look Down

Video 5: God Only

Video 6: Sabbath Living

Video 7: God-Centric

Video 8: For the Hard Days

Video 9: Where's Your Delight?

Video 10: Josiah - An Example of a Holy Life

Video 11: Free From Self

Video 12: From the Mountain to the Valley

Video 13: Distracted?

Video 14: God's Loving Kindness

Video 15: The Sneak Attack

Video 16: Training Day

Video 17: Our Real Home

Video 18: For the Sad Days

Video 19: This Is Only A Test

Video 20: What's That Smell?

Video 21: Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...

Video 22: Obedience, Not Perfection

Video 23: Where Do We Go From Here?

Video 24: P.S. Lessons From The Road

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