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Mothers & Ministry Conference

Are you a mother in need of encouragement and refreshment? Please join me for a weekend of inspiration designed to feed your soul and rejuvenate your heart for your kids.

Truly taking the time to raise children that love God takes effort…a LOT of effort!! So be sure to take advantage of this time to let God recharge your batteries!

What moms are welcome? Working moms. Stay-at-home moms. Work from home moms. “In the ministry” moms. Homeschool moms. Public school moms. Don’t forget the private school moms! Single moms. New moms. Adoptive moms. Any and ALL moms!! You get the point, right?

This will not be a conference about the “right way” to school, or the “right amount” of work. It will be about the heart.

We will hear inspiration and encouragement from moms who have worked outside the home & inside the home, as well as those who have schooled inside and outside the home.

We will especially be focusing on not falling into the trap of thinking that children somehow hinder our “ministry”.

As a mom that has served in both full & part time ministry for the past 15 years, I feel a special burden for all those who are desperately trying to raise their kids to love God, while helping to serve in God’s family as ministry leaders of any kind.

Our goal is to help equip every mother to be a minister both in her home and in her community.

Watch this video for an update and what to expect for the Mother's & Ministry Conference:


WHEN: JANUARY 19-21, 2018


39405 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd, Murrieta, CA 92563

Click HERE to check out the Conference Center.


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