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My name is Traci Minor, and though it would

customarily be thought formal to be addressed

by your first and last name, in my case it is not.

For reasons I have yet to understand, everyone

calls me “Traci Minor”…down to my closest

friends. I guess it’s like a reverse nick-name. So please,

feel free!

I’m not a writer… not even a blog. I don’t have a calendar for whirlwind speaking engagements, or tour with a worship band. Nope. That is not my life for now.

Truth is, I’m just too busy raising these four kids and trying to help people move closer to God to do much more than dishes, laundry and Bible studies!
















Don’t get me wrong, I actually do a lot of things. I’ve played the violin for over 45 years, been married for 29 years, been a mom for 23 years, and worked in the “full/part/extra time ministry” for 19 years.

I bake, practice yoga, preach, read books, play music, teach, try to learn Spanish (a yearly endeavor), home school, clean house, take naps, pick up dirty socks, and train children what feels like non-stop, every day.

So, I’m thinking I do pretty much what you do- a bunch of stuff!

Oh, I forgot to mention I also yell at my kids, make mountains out of mole-hills, overbook my schedule, day-dream of“retirement” (from what, I do not know!), torture myself with perfectionism, pout, whine, and have even been known to give up on occasion!

See, although I became a Christian over 20 years ago…although I truly said, “Jesus is Lord” and gave myself over to him, He has had a LOT to change in me.

With each year, he has gotten deeper and deeper under my skin, through my thick skull, and into my heart. Little by little he has healed me, changed me, grown me, won me.

He has taken a selfish, immature, prideful, idolatrous, and ungrateful soul and is creating something beautiful…as only He can do.

I cannot explain it, but somehow, by messing up, and pressing “restart” over and over and over, I am becoming his holy vessel to the world around me.











And this is my quest: to become simply holy.

To live a life worthy of the calling I have received right in the middle of my average, everyday, messed up world; to open my hands and stop grabbing for more or “mine”; to let God direct my every step, bite, decision, and thought. I choose an open handed life.

So, what is this site?

Simply put, it is a place to find messages to help you live a holy life. 

My hope is that through these videos you’ll find encouragement when you need it.  I talk a lot about overcoming strongholds in our lives.  This means facing your idols head on, and smashing them to the ground one at a time.

As a recovering “everything” addict, I know first hand that turning to anything other than God to meet your needs will only leave you wanting. 

I have lived the words of Jonah - Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.

No matter what our idols- the praise of man, alcohol, drugs, food, comfort – they all cause us to miss out on the incredible love God has for us. 

Nothing…and I mean nothing…can outdo God.

I also talk quite a bit about opening your hands and letting God lead you. As a chronic perfectionist and naturally controlling person, I have had to learn the hard way to pry my little fingers off of life’s steering wheel, and let God drive.  I’m hoping something I say can spare you the same pain!

And finally, I talk a lot about fighting the spiritual battle.  Becoming aware of Satan’s schemes and fighting the daily demons is a HUGE thread in my life. 

Given that the daily life of a disciple of Jesus is greatly opposed, I have found the need for the constant reminders to put on the full armor of God every day.

I pray that this site will help you to learn how to live a simply holy life. 

Women all dressed in white and celebrating together living holy and preparing for CHRISTmas

Won’t you join me?

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